Reformation Baptist Church


Our Objective

We believe God saves every person with the intention that each one will glorify Christ by living a life that demonstrates the attributes of God.

┬áLearning to live like Christ is a process. This process includes learning what God desires, then building into the life actions and habits that radiate the qualities of Christ. The premiere character quality is love. Love is the essence of all the commandments. Love for God means that we do not love or imitate the world’s music, fashions, or methods. We try to attract people to Christ by acting like Christ — not by acting like the world.

 The church is designed to train the saints to do the work of the ministry, including evangelism. I Corinthians 5:20; James 2:22; I John 2:15-15; I John 4:4-5

Our Prayer Life

Jesus said that his house would be called a house of prayer. We like to have many prayer and praise times in our church building.

Prayer is our most effective weapon to advance the cause of Christ. We utilize praise to keep our focus on God and our spirits lifted.

We are working at becoming effective in prayer. You will find many prayer times taking place at Reformation Baptist Church throughout the week. Prayer is an important work.


Our Family Emphasis

We believe that the family is the most important arena for practicing being like Christ. Therefore, we try to help the family function together as much as possible.

We are trying to regain activities that use to be conducted by the family which have been abandoned to the government and other agencies.

This church is trying to reestablish child care, health care, indigent care, and education as family and church responsibilities. I Timothy 3:4-5; 5:4

Our Influence on Society

We believe that today’s society is more hostile to Christianity than ever before. Our church is here to train warriors for Christ in these days of spiritual warfare. We intend to advance the Kingdom of Christ at three levels: first, by promoting Christian principles in our own personal lives; second, by implementing the principles in our family; third, by living like Christ is in our sphere of influence in the world. The church is to facilitate this process by equipping the saints to do the work of the ministry.


We believe the voluntary commitment to a church body is important for the individual and the church.

Church membership means the individual considers his or her relationship to the church to be much more than simply attending services.

Church membership is a mutual commitment of the members and leaders. With membership comes more responsibility to one another.